Racing Club

The Neil Mulholland Racing Club is a Club that we have formed to bring racing at an affordable price for anyone who wants to get involved with the fun of owning racehorses. For every 10 members that we get, we will lease another horse to the Club.

The current horse in the Racing Club are Masquerade Bling.

All prize money that has been won in the previous 6 months is divided between the members. This is done at the end of December and the end of June and the cost is £150 per month all inclusive. Owners’ tickets on the day are available on a first come first serve basis and the racecourses will sell discounted tickets to anyone else in the Club who wants them.

Racing Club Members

Each member is treated as an individual and will be emailed with any news of entries and results.

Any member is welcome to come and see the horses at the yard by arrangement and if possible to see them on the gallops.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us to have a chat and we will send you the relevant forms.


The Bay Bandit winning in Jersey 2014

The Bay Bandit winning in Jersey August 2014