Locked Down But Still Busy

14-April-2020 16:34
in General
by Admin

Hopefully, you read this in good health and you have been not too adversely affected by the current situation.  The team at the yard are all well, fortunately, and have been following all guidelines to reduce social contact.  Following all of the bad weather over the winter, it is also nice to get out on some bright sunny mornings!

It is a strange time, as whilst some people find themselves with a lot more time than usual, for others, such as those who have kept the country operating, the current situation has resulted in working as usual and in many cases being busier than usual.

At the yard, workloads are a little different to normal especially with there being no racing, but there is plenty still going on!

Most of the horses are having a break at the moment following the announcement that jumps racing will not return before 1st July.  A few of those that can run on the flat are still being ridden out, as it seems likely that flat racing will return first.  The horses that are not being ridden out are still in their stables overnight as there have been one or two very cold ones.  Most are having an hour on the walker in the morning and the afternoon in one of the paddocks before returning to the stables for the night and some will switch to full outdoor living once the weather gets warm enough.

The opportunity has been taken to put in an enormous amount of fencing inside the flat gallop.  This will allow the grass area on the inside of the gallop to be used as paddocks which will massively increase the turnout space available.  This will have both short and long-term benefit as more horses can be turned out in the summer and paddocks can be used in rotation during quieter times, making it easier to keep them well maintained.

Whilst no one is sure when we will return to "normal" and whether "normal" will look any different from the way that it did before, but hopefully, we will all come through this unscathed and will see you all at a racecourse soon.