Christie Revill - Greatwood Charity Race

05-February-2018 14:14
in General
by Admin

Christie Revill has been with us for nearly three years at Conkwell Grange and next month she takes on the exciting challenge of riding in the Greatwood Charity Race at Newbury. She was a late entry to the race and consequently time is running out to raise enough money for her to participate. Therefore we are asking for your help to push Christie towards her target and raise enough money for such a fantastic and worthwhile cause.

Greatwood not only re-educate and re-home ex-racehorses, but they are the only charity that helps disadvantaged children and young adults with special needs. They never turn down any horse and the work they do is renowned across the country. The charity can only thrive with donations from the public and every single penny is greatly appreciated – so please give generously when supporting this vital and brilliant charity, thank you.

Please click the link to donate